Nebulae, (the plural of the word nebula), are found throughout the plane of the Milky Way galaxy. These clouds of dust and gasses often provide the raw material from which stars form.

We see nebulae as the raw material for many open clusters.

Nebulae often obscure our view of the Mily Way. The Great Rift, seen splitting the Milky Way from Cygnus to Crux, is simply smoky interstellar matter in the plane of the galaxy that absorbs light.

We see different kinds of nebulae. Diffuse nebulae like the Pleiades where the light shines through the haze.

Reflection nebulae have gasses that are lit by the light from nearby stars. These dim ghosts highlight their environment, painting beautful and complex tapestries.

Dark nebulae obscure the light of the stars behind them, revealing themseves as though they were dark holes in the cosmos.

And planetary nebulae, the death throes of stars after a lifetime of burning hydrogen.

The are many kinds of nebulae and all are interesting elements of a complex and wonderful universe.