NCRAL 2023 - Astrophotography Contest

  1. There will be two categories for the astrophotography contest:
    1. Solar System
    2. Deep Sky

  2. Within the categories, there will be no subcategories. Subject matter in each category is open. The entries may be still images or time-lapsed images.

  3. Entries must be submitted as prints. High-quality prints are encouraged. Mounting is encouraged, but optional. Prints will be displayed on a table or tables.

  4. Entries must be submitted with a written 3” x 5” card (at least) stating the image’s subject(s) identified by common name or catalogue name (M, NGC, IC, etc.), the exposure(s) used, filter(s) used, camera, telescope, and mount. Also include location, date of image, transparency, and seeing. This card should accompany the entry and be plainly visible to judges. No identifying information should appear on the front of the entry. The name, club affiliation, and contact information of the entrant should be attached in some acceptable way on the back of the entry so it can be returned if “lost.”

  5. Each entry will be numbered by the contest manager(s), and voters will indicate their preferences using that number.

  6. The winners will be chosen by vote of participating attendees. The winner in each category will be selected based on a weighted system (1st place = 3 points, 2nd place = 2 points, and 3rd place = 1 point). Ballots will be provided to attendees as part of their check-in packet. Using this ballot, attendees will vote by number rather than by name (to reduce bias.) The ballots will be deposited in a box and counted after voting concludes at the end of the business meeting on Saturday. Winners will be announced following the Saturday evening banquet.

  7. There will be one winner in each category. The winner will receive a certificate and/or prize.

  8. Entries must remain in place from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM on Saturday May 6, 2023. All entries must be claimed by their respective photographers at that time.